Infineon's ICL88xx family delivers cost-effective smart LED drivers

Infineon's ICL88xx family of single-stage flyback controllers with constant voltage output have been designed to provide cost-effective smart LED drivers for manufacturers of dimmable and intelligent LED systems.

The ICL8800, ICL8810 and ICL8820 ICs meet the necessary performance requirements for LED lighting applications, such as LED drivers and luminaires up to 125W, smart lighting, and emergency luminaire.

These ICs are also suitable for adapters and chargers, flat TVs, all-in-one PCs and monitors up to 125W.

All three offer benchmarking performance for power factor correction and total harmonic distortion at full-load and low-load conditions, enabling platform design and window drivers. They have been optimised as secondary-side regulated (SSR) constant voltage (CV) output flyback controllers and are also suited for primary-side regulation (PSR). To achieve optimum efficiency and low electromagnetic interference (EMI) they feature critical conduction mode (CCM) and quasi-resonant mode (QRM) with smart valley hopping.

The ICL88xx family offers an external start-up circuit control signal for more flexibility and a cost-optimised bottom-up platform design for many applications. It has a comprehensive set of protection features, including a power limitation and secondary side over-voltage protection. In addition, the devices require a minimum number of external components. The gate driver current enables designs up to 125W with state-of-the-art MOSFETs. The system performance and efficiency can be further optimised using Infineon’s CoolMOS P7 power MOSFETs.

The ICL8800 is the basic variant providing all of the above features. It is an advanced variant with an integrated burst mode that allows a very low standby power consumption of less than 100 mW and flicker-free deep dimming down to 0.1 percent making it suitable for smart lighting applications in connection with microcontrollers.

The ICL8820 is the fully-featured variant, additionally equipped with an integrated DC-input jitter function. The latter improves EMI performance and supports the fulfillment of EMI requirements in DC operation. This device eases EMI certification in the design of emergency lighting LED driver applications without additional circuitry, minimising cost and effort.