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Infineon launches CoolSiC MOSFET 750 V G1 product family

Infineon Technologies has introduced the 750V G1 discrete CoolSiC MOSFET to meet the increasing demand for higher efficiency and power density in industrial and automotive power applications.

The product family includes both industrial-graded and automotive-graded SiC MOSFETs that are optimised for totem-pole PFC, T-type, LLC/CLLC, dual active bridge (DAB), HERIC, buck/boost, and phase-shifted full bridge (PSFB) topologies.

These MOSFETs are intended for use in both typical industrial applications, such as electric vehicle charging, industrial drives, solar and energy storage systems, solid state circuit breaker, UPS systems, servers/ datacentres, telecom, and in the automotive sector, such as onboard chargers (OBC), DC-DC converters, and many more.

The CoolSiC MOSFET 750 V G1 technology features superior RDS (on) x Q fr and RDS (on) x Q oss Figure-of-Merits (FOMs), resulting in ultra-high efficiency in hard-switching and soft-switching topologies respectively.

Its combination of high threshold voltage (V GS(th), Typ. of 4.3 V) with low Q GD/Q GS ratio ensures robustness against parasitic turn-on and enables unipolar gate driving, leading to increased power density and low cost of the systems.

All devices use Infineon’s proprietary die-attach technology which delivers improved thermal impedance for equivalent die sizes. The highly reliable gate oxide design combined with Infineon’s qualification standards delivers robust and long-term performance.

With a granular portfolio ranging from 8 to 140 mΩ RDS (on) at 25°C, this new CoolSiC MOSFET 750 V G1 product family meets a wide range of needs. Its design ensures lower conduction and switching losses, boosting overall system efficiency.

Its packaging has been designed to minimise thermal resistance, facilitate improved heat dissipation, and optimise in-circuit power loop inductance, and results in high power density and reduced system costs. This product family also features the cutting-edge QDPAK top-side cooled package.