Ineltek UK announces first Super Junction MOSFETs from Magnachip

Ineltek UK has launched the first in a range of 650V Super Junction (SJ) MOSFETs from Magnachip. MMUB60R199PC is suited to high efficiency power switching requirements due to the intrinsically low RDS(ON) characteristics of the SJ technology and the switching frequencies enabled by its gate charge.

The MMUB60R199PC is said to enable faster switching performance with a Qg of 44nC, thus enabling smaller components. With a maximum current rating of 20A and an RDS(ON) of 199mO, the device is available in a compact 8 x 8mm low profile PDFN package.

The devices combination of these parameters, low EMI and low switching loss make these MOSFETs suitable for power design specialists engaged in development of motor control, power tool and SMPS products as well as DC/DC converters, PFC power supply stages and switching applications.