Industrial network development kit

Renesas has unveiled the RZ/N1 MPU Solution Kit, which has been designed to support industrial networking applications such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), intelligent network switches, gateways, operator terminals and remote I/O solutions.

The Kit is said to be a complete development package that includes the hardware and software to enable faster prototyping of industrial Ethernet protocols, potentially saving up to six months of industrial network protocol integration.

A CPU development board based on the RZ/N1S MPU is provided, along with a software package featuring drivers, middleware, sample protocol stacks, U-Boot and Linux-based BSP, an inter-processor communication software, and a tool that can generate C-code header files that remove the complexity of pin configuration.

Developers can choose to use Linux, but the Kit also allows the evaluation of ThreadX through a sample reference port of Express Logic’s X-Ware IoT platform. It allows evaluation of the CODESYS development system for programming and creating PLC applications.