Industrial board-to-board connectors from Harwin

Harwin has confirmed that its Archer Kontrol 1.27mm pitch board-to-board connectors support data rates of up to 3Gbits/s and is compatible with Ethernet speeds up to 2.94Gbits/s, making them suitable for modern industrial infrastructure.

Targeting the industrial drives and controls market, the Archer Kontrol series is also proving effective in monitoring and data acquisition equipment.

Mated connectors withstand 20G of vibration, coping with the demanding conditions of automation and mechanized processes. The fully shrouded and polarized design handles strong lateral and twisting forces, and surface mount hold-downs lighten the strain on the soldered connections. Blind mating is easy to do, due to the chamfered front edges – allowing up to 0.7mm offset. The gold-plated phosphor bronze contact areas enable these connectors to handle up to 500 mating cycles.

With operating temperatures reaching 125°C, they are a safe choice for small to large industrial equipment connections.

The Archer Kontrol series covers pin counts of 12 to 80 contacts and variable vertical connector heights allow board-to-board spacings of 8mm to 20mm. With both vertical and horizontal connectors in male and female designs, all mating configurations are possible – edge-to-edge co-planar, parallel board-to-board and right-angle mother-to-daughterboard. Easy blind mating along with right angle connection means these components are well suited to backplane connections. Up to 1.2A current per contact is supported.

The combination of 3Gbits/s data rate with mechanical robustness ensures the long-term integrity of high-speed industrial data. Archer Kontrol has been designed to help maintain system responsiveness and reduce downtime to keep production lines running.