Hirose extends wire-to-board portfolio

Hirose has expanded its low-profile DF51 wire-to-board connector series to include a branch connector.

The DF51B Series enables the splitting of the cable into two separate paths, which not only simplifies the design and wiring process but also enables smaller and lighter end-products.

Part of the SignalBee connector family, the 2.0 mm pitch DF51B Series is also available in straight and right-angle versions. Supporting up to 3A, the wire-to-board connector is designed for a broad range of products, including industrial machinery, office equipment, robotics, smart meters, and more.

Ensuring reliable connection, the DF51B connector features a user-friendly side-lock design with a clear tactile click to confirm secure mating. High contact lance strength prevents contacts from pulling loose while wrenching the cables. The connector is adaptable for varied cable types, including 22-30AWG. The DF51B branch connector is offered in a single row with 2 to 6 positions, while straight and right-angle versions are available in single and dual rows with 2 to 30 positions.

The DF51B Series wire-to-board power connector has a rated voltage of 250V AC/DC and an operating temperature of -55 degrees C to +105 degrees C.