Highly integrated power solution for automotive OEMs

Automotive electronic system designers can now increase the number of displays per vehicle with a 4-output display power IC from Maxim Integrated Products.

The MAX16923 enables OEMs to replace four or five discrete ICs with a single power management solution to significantly shrink solution size. This means designers can more easily increase the number of displays from two to five per vehicle, or even more.

The MAX16923 offers high integration with four power rails, featuring both a high-voltage and low-voltage buck converter, a high-voltage and low-voltage low-dropout (LDO) regulator, electromagnetic interference (EMI) mitigation and a watchdog timer in a single IC. Its high level of integration can reduce an automotive power solution from four or five ICs down to one chip, without making the temperature rise significantly. This also helps ease design complexity and reduces the power solution size up to 50 percent compared to the closest competitive solution. Additionally, EMI mitigation and the watchdog timer improve reliability of each display.

Greg Basich, associate director of the Automotive Infotainment & Telematics service at Strategy Analytics, commented, “Growth in the automotive display segment over the next five years will be strong as OEMs increase the number and size of displays in cars. Some premium vehicles may have as many as 10 displays. In this environment, designers are also grappling with the growing number of electronics they need to integrate into cars as space constraints may limit this expansion."

Key aspects of the MAX16923 include:

  • Small solution size: this automotive power management IC can integrate five functions (HV buck converter and LDO, LV buck converter and LDO and watchdog timer) into a single IC to reduce complexity and solution size.
  • Lower cost: reducing a five-chip solution to a single chip shrinks space by up to 50 percent, achieving smaller PCB size and lower bill-of-material (BOM) costs.
  • Low EMI: spread spectrum, slew-rate controlled switching and programmable switching frequency reduce EMI interference on low noise signal to the display

Szukang Hsien, executive business manager, Automotive Business Unit at Maxim Integrated, added, “By reducing the number of ICs needed to support each display, the MAX16923 greatly reduces design complexity and board size issues. This highly integrated power solution along with the MAX20069 TFT bias and LED driver are able to cover the power requirements needed for 12.3 inch and smaller displays.”