High-definition microstepping motor driver from Toshiba

Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced a new 50V / 5A rated bipolar stepping motor driver that supports 1/128 microstepping.

The TB67S128FTG has been designed to meet the often conflicting requirements of high speed, high performance and reduced power consumption and is suitable for a variety of applications including 3D printers, office equipment, cash dispensers, amusement machines and home appliances.

At the heart of the new device is the company's Active Gain Control (AGC) that optimises the drive current to suit the required torque and preventing stalling, as well as realising power savings. The TB67S128FTG reduces noise and vibration by delivering 128 microstepping, compared to the 32 steps of other drive ICs. It also incorporates Selectable Mixed Delay (SMD) – a current adjustment function that selects the best SMD configuration and optimises the drive current to suit the motor.

Toshiba’s original current detection technology, Advanced Current Detection System (ACDS) allows the control of motor current without requiring an external current detection resistor, thereby reducing the space required for layout, and the BoM cost.

Higher torque operation is enabled by the high current drive (50V / 5A) while the low on-resistance (0.25Ω) reduces heat generation. The device also incorporates a number of protection functions including thermal shutdown, overcurrent protection and an open detection function that detects motor disconnection. In the event of a fault being detected, error flags are set, ensuring equipment safety.

The TB67S128FTG is packaged in a 9mm x 9mm x 0.9mm, 0.5mm pitch QFN64 package.