High contact density connector for military and motorsport applications

LEMO describes its M Series connector as one of the lightest and most compact connectors of its product range.

The M Series is made of high strength aluminium and incorporates a fast locking ratchet mechanism, designed to enable quick and secure coupling of the connector for use in high vibration and harsh environments. With a diameter of 13mm, the M Series connector has two outer shell designs: arctic grip or knurled outer shell. The arctic grip makes it easy to manipulate while wearing gloves or when the connector is located in an area which is difficult to access, whilst the knurled grip option minimises the outer diameter of the plug for applications where size is critical. With 114 contacts in a 34mm diameter shell, the short flange to pcb distance on pcb panel mount housings also provides the opportunity for small enclosure sizes. Designed for use in harsh environments, the M Series connectors have been tested to the MIL STD 810E gunfire test and are sealed when mated to IP68 (IEC 60529), thus providing complete protection when continuously submerged in water. The fluorosilicone seals are resistant to a wide range of chemicals including hydrocarbons. The M series connector is available with a range of shell options (from 13 to 34mm diameter) and contact types and configurations, with multiple keys for ease of blind mating and three keyway options, one of which is reverse gender. Crimp contacts are offered as standard, except on potted panel mount connectors, with contact ratings up to 10A continuous on all contacts together. An optional special backend for over moulding cable assembly is also offered. The M series is designed for use in military applications: aircraft communications, land vehicles, night vision equipment, simulation or personal battle equipment, wherever the environmental conditions require rugged and reliable connections. The M series is identified with a laser engraved part number and production batch number to ensure full traceability from the raw materials to delivered product.