Harwin extends contact options for Datamate Mix-Tek connector series

Harwin has made its supply chain more responsive by extending the scope of its Datamate Mix-Tek high-reliability (hi-rel) connector series.

OEMs will now be able to purchase cable housings for these 2.00mm and 4.00mm pitch connectors without contacts fitted, rather than being restricted to a small number of pre-defined kits. This will allow customers to consider a broader array of contact options from Harwin’s portfolio – specifying the housing-contact combination that is the right fit for their requirements and receiving their order more quickly.

Sourcing connector housings and contacts separately, instead of as a kit, has major logistical advantages. OEM procurement teams can get access to high volumes of the parts they need directly from stock to avoid any potential lead time issues. Production staff can then assemble the specific housing-contact elements as requirements dictate. The housings are designed to accommodate all coaxial and power contacts, and are fitted with a range of different jackscrew fixings (including standard gender, reverse-fix and guide pin panel-mount).

The new additions to the Datamate Mix-Tek portfolio have all the same performance parameters as the kits and pre-assembled units. The loose contacts come in a choice of coaxial (50Ohm, up to 6GHz frequency rating), or 20A (max) and 40A (max) power contacts suitable for a range of wire sizes. A selection of housings are also mixed technology, with signal contacts capable of 3A of data signal. The current crimp and assembly tooling offerings from Harwin are all compatible with these housings and contacts.

Once assembled, connectors exhibit strong resilience to both shock and vibration, covering an extensive operational temperature range of -55°C to +125°C, enabling them to address highly demanding avionics, satellite, medical, robotics and industrial applications, as well as motorsport and electric vehicle (EV) engine control and battery systems. In addition, their support for 500 mating cycles ensures a prolonged working lifespan.