Full 600V/8A single phase MOSFET bridge in a chip

A system in package from STMicroelectronics is said to contain a complete 600V/8A single-phase MOSFET full bridge. The PWD13F60, which measures 13 x 11mm, saves cost and board space in a range of applications, including industrial motor drives, lamp ballasts, power supplies, converters and inverters.

Integrating four power MOSFETs, the device is said to offer an efficient alternative to other modules that typically use dual-FET half-bridge or six-FET three-phase devices. According to ST, only one PWD13F60 is needed to implement a single-phase full bridge, with the flexibility to configure the module as one full bridge or two half bridges.

The PWD13F60 integrates gate drivers for the power MOSFETs and the bootstrap diodes needed for high-side driving, which simplifies board design and eliminates external components. The gate drivers are optimised for reliable switching and low EMI. Also featured is cross-conduction protection and under-voltage lockout.

Operating from inputs as low as 6.5V, the device can accept logic signals from 3.3V to 15V, interfacing with MCUs, DSPs and Hall sensors.