FTDI unveils single-channel interface ICs

FTDI Chip has unveiled the new FT23xHP series, strengthening its portfolio of devices supporting USB power delivery.

Both compact and streamlined these interface ICs are supplied in QFN packages and support operation across just one channel enabling systems that are subject to space or budgetary constraints to benefit from elevated levels of power delivery via their USB ports.

At the same time data can still be transferred at 480Mbits/s rates, without any interruption being experienced should the direction of power flow change (with the system shifting from a source into a sink, or vice-versa).

A sophisticated Type-C/PD controller element is integrated into each FT23xHP which is able to undertake all the negotiating and power level detection activities prior to the supply being initiated. As a result, these tasks do not require intervention from the system microcontroller. In line with revision 3.0 of the USB power delivery specification, up to 100W can be transferred.

Among the different I/O options that are included within the IC are RS232, RS422, RS485, JTAG, I2C and SPI.

The FT23xHP announcement follows the introduction of the dual-channel FT223xHP and the quad-channel FT423xHP ICs last year, which are both already in volume production.

All three devices are able to deal with operating temperatures spanning from -40°C through to 85°C, meaning they can be used in more challenging application settings.

FTDI said that it sees demand predominantly coming from companies producing household appliances, barcode scanners, test equipment, industrial automation hardware, computer peripherals, power tools and lighting systems.