Flex Power Modules broadens portfolio to meet rising demand in industrial and railways sectors

Flex Power Modules is introducing new DC-DC power modules for the industrial and railways sectors, broadening its product range to meet increasing demand in these sectors, as well as providing additional versions of existing products, with different input/output voltage ranges.

The modules are provided in sealed and encapsulated packaging, to ensure they will work reliably when subjected to dust, moisture, severe vibration and other harsh conditions.

For industrial applications, Flex Power Modules provides DC-DC solutions in standard form factors, often running from 24V or 12V supply voltages, rather than the 48V more commonly found in information and communications technology applications.

For railway applications, the company provides a series of products designed to meet the most stringent electrical and environmental specifications.

The DC-DC modules support a range of input voltages, to cover the needs of different applications. For industrial products, this includes 9 to 36V, 18 to 36V, 9 to 75V and 18 to 75V. Other modules provide input ranges of 43 to 160V and 66 to 160V, to cater to different railway application bus voltages, including 72V, 96V and 110V.

Flex Power Modules provides multiple product families for the industrial and railway sectors, and currently offers five ranges: the PKV Series (1.65-3W), PKE 3000 Series (15-30 W / Vin at 9-36 V), PKE 5000 Series (15-30 W / Vin at 18-75 V), PKE 8000A Series (40 W / Vin at 9-75 V) and PKM 7000A Series (100W / Vin at 66-160 V).

The new products are suited to a range of applications, according to Flex Power Modules, including process control, factory automation, robotics, alternative energy, smart grid, and test and measurement.

The company intends to add more families and additional input and output voltage combinations in the coming months.