Extremely low loss RF cables

The electrical and optical connectivity specialist HUBER+SUHNER has announced a number of additions to its SPUMA cable series.

SPUMA cables are widely specified when there is a demand for extremely low loss characteristics and these cables are expected to increase the range of application for SPUMA products across industry sectors such communications and defence.

The latest SPUMA HT RF cables have been designed for applications up to 6GHz. In addition to low losses, they also feature high temperature endurance which makes them particularly suitable for high power applications.

The three cable variants in the SPUMA HT family (SPUMA 240-HT, 400-HT and 600-HT) feature attenuation figures as low as 0.25dB/m (0.08dBft) at maximum operating frequency, power capability up to 1900W at 1GHz and a very wide operating temperature range of -55⁰C to +150⁰C. Screening effectiveness up to maximum operating frequency for all three variants is greater than 90dB.