Extended reliability microprocessors

Extended reliability versions of Freescale's T4 series of microprocessors have been released by e2v, including T4240 (24 virtual cores), T4160 (16 virtual cores) and T4080 (8 virtual cores).

Freescale's e6500 Power Architecture core, featuring the AltiVec SIMD Engine, is bringing leading edge processing capabilities and is said to make T4240 the highest performance microprocessor ever released by e2v with computing abilities close to 200Gflop.

Richard Gibbs, e2v's president of semiconductors, commented, "The e2v extended reliability versions of Freescale's T4 series are an ideal choice for customers looking for high performance computing in applications where there are harsh and size constrained environments, and where there is limited possibility to effectively cool the electronic board."

Operating in a temperature range of -55 to 125°C, the e2v T4 series offers many connectivity options, with specific calibration performed by e2v to enable high speed interfaces over extended temperature ranges. The series will also be part of e2v's Semiconductor Lifecycle Management (SLiM) programme, which e2v claims will give continued support for programmes requiring long-term availability.