EW - TE unveils more affordable Bluetooth LE wireless MCUs

Texas Instruments (TI) has expanded its connectivity portfolio with a new family of wireless microcontrollers (MCU) that will enable much more affordable, but high-quality, Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) applications.

Featuring best-in-class standby current and radio-frequency (RF) performance, the SimpleLink Bluetooth LE CC2340 family makes it possible for engineers to add Bluetooth LE connectivity to more products.

The CC2340R2 and CC2340R5 wireless MCUs, offering flash memory of 256KB and 512KB respectively, provide increased flexibility for engineers and space for application code. Additionally, with the proliferation of Bluetooth LE applications, designers need additional memory capacity to easily update software remotely. The new wireless MCU family features 36KB of RAM with over-the-air download support.

These MCUs also include standby current of less than 830 nA. This reduction in standby current helps extend battery life for up to 10 years on a coin cell battery in wireless applications such as electronic shelf labels and tire pressure monitoring systems.

The CC2340 family also features an operating temperature range of –40ºC to 125ºC to help ensure a stable connection across applications, from industrial sensors and medical laboratories to outdoor environments such as EV chargers or smart meters.

Engineers are also able to expand RF performance and connection range with an output power up to +8 dBm, among the industry’s highest. In addition, the CC2340 devices feature an integrated RF balun to enable a simpler design with fewer external components, leading to additional cost savings.