EW - NXP extends S32 Automotive Platform

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NXP Semiconductors has announced two new processor families that extend its S32 automotive platform with safe, high-performance real-time processing.

The S32Z and S32E processor families have been designed to help accelerate the integration of diverse real-time applications for domain and zonal control, safety processing and vehicle electrification that are critical to the next generation of safer and more efficient vehicles.

The S32Z processors are intended for safety processing and domain and zonal control, while the S32E processors are suitable for electric vehicle (xEV) control and smart actuation. The software-compatible S32Z and S32E processors will help to enable software-defined vehicles, reducing software integration complexity while enhancing both security and safety.

The automotive industry’s evolution to domain and zonal architectures requires new processors that offer higher performance, application isolation and memory expansion capabilities to support software-defined vehicles and future innovations.

NXP’s S32Z and S32E processors deploy eight Arm Cortex-R52 processors cores with split-lock support that operate at up to 1 GHz to address the challenges of safely integrating deterministic, high-performance real-time applications.

The processors isolate independent real-time applications with “core-to-pin” hardware virtualization and resource firewalls for freedom of interference. They are available with up to 64 MB of integrated flash memory for large, zero-downtime over-the-air (OTA) updates and support LPDDR4 DRAM and flash expansion memory with execute-in-place (XiP) mode for large applications and AUTOSAR Adaptive applications.

A communications accelerator (FlexLLCE) supporting 24 CAN interfaces, along with a Gigabit Ethernet switch supporting Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN), provides vehicle data to “virtual ECUs” to improve efficiency and streamline software development.

A hardware security engine (HSE) supports secure boot, accelerated security services and key management. The S32Z and S32E processors are certified to ISO/SAE 21434 for cybersecurity and ISO 26262 for ASIL D functional safety.

The S32E processors also add smart actuation capabilities, specifically in the form of advanced timers and high-resolution analogue-to-digital converters and 5V analogue and I/Os, for xEV integration applications with direct-drive motor control.

NXP offers system support for both the S32Z and S32E processors to accelerate customer designs including the co-developed FS86 ASIL D safety system basis chip (SBC) and PF5030 power management IC (PMIC) with enhanced safety features and in-vehicle networking support with Ethernet switches and PHYs and CAN transceivers, along with other analogue companion chips such as the GD3160 IGBT/SiC high-voltage inverter gate driver and MC3377x battery cell controllers.

S32Z280 and S32E288 are the first two devices sampling now to lead customers.

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