electronica - integrated solutions for power management and control

ON Semiconductor has launched intelligent power module (IPM) technologies for industrial power management, HVAC systems and motor control applications.

The STK57FU394AG-E (15A) and STK5MFU3C1A-E (30A) are advanced 600V IPMs that integrate a power factor correction converter, three-phase inverter output stage, pre-drive circuitry, and protection, in a single, compact package. MCU compatible low-voltage input and status outputs are said to support further component and space reduction by eliminating the need for photocouplers between a host micro and the IPM.

The devices feature built-in cross conduction prevention, which reduces the possibility of system malfunctions caused by noise, and over-current protection for both the inverter and PFC section. Under-voltage lock-out ensures IGBT gate shutdown in the event of abnormal conditions. The devices are certified to UL1557 and offer an externally accessible embedded thermistor for high precision monitoring of the temperature of the insulated metal substrate.

The STK57FU394AG-E comes in a 56 x 25.8mm SIP2A package and the STK5MFU3C1A-E in a 70 x 30.1mm SIP3B package.