Comprehensive portfolio of Finder products - Automation system parts and electromechanical components.

In the TME catalogue, you can find many products dedicated to industrial automation and electrical automation systems in public spaces and households. What matters most in those sectors are precision and durability, but also price to quality ratio.

That is where a range of reliable manufacturers steps in – thanks to their own labs and mass production of universal parts, they can offer good products at affordable prices. One of such manufacturers is definitely an European brand FINDER – which has specialised in creating various relays for over 50 years. The manufacturer’s portfolio also includes a range of other products. Some of the series of FINDER’s products are presented below – but make sure you browse through all their products in the TME catalogue.

Electromechanical components
Before we take a look at FINDER’s leading products (i.e. relays), let’s direct our attention to some of the manufacturer’s less known solutions. These are products mainly for industrial installations, lighting, and ventilation of devices in places such as manufacturing facilities, material processing workshops and control rooms for heavy machines.

LED lights for control cabinets
Among many useful industrial accessories, FINDER’s portfolio includes lights intended to control cabinets. They use LED technology and are available in two brightness levels: 600lm and 1200lm (power consumption 6W and 9W, respectively). Depending on the model, those products can be powered with direct currents (from 12V to 48V DC) or using mains power supply (from 110V to 240V AC). The method of magnet mounting for non-invasive installation of the lights is an interesting solution, but the manufacturer also provided an optional method of mounting, i.e. with clips with mounting holes. Each lighting component of this series is characterised by colour temperature of 5000K (white, cool). Thermal tolerance of the products ranges from -30°C to 55°C, which means they can be used in most of the industrial control cabinets. Lights variants with an integrated motion detector are also available.
Satin cover limits shadows and provides evenly distributed lighting.

AC and DC fans

The seal of the filter connected to the fan provides IP54-rated protection.

In an industrial environment, there is often a need for ventilating control cabinets, machine housings, encased automation controllers, etc. FINDER’s fans for such applications are available in versions powered from the grid (230V) or by direct current (24V). AC models are available in versions with rated power ranging from 17W to 130W, offering efficiency from 24m3/h to 630m3/h (for the DC group the efficiency reaches 230m3/h).

Even though all FINDER’s fans are characterised by the IP54 rating, some AC models were additionally made resistant to a wide range of temperatures, from -10°C to 70°C (for other products: -15...55°C). At TME, you can purchase devices in the sizes of 92mm, 125mm, 177mm and 224mm – those are the most popular factory-installed formats in many machines, so FINDER’s fans can also be used as spare parts.

An advantage of the presented products is their integration with a ventilation grille fitted with a replaceable filter. The protection of the mechanism against dusting is especially important in the case of operating devices in the production environment (textiles industry and ceramics) or wooden components processing shops. Beside those applications, FINDER’s fans prove to be effective as components for forced air circulation to provide thermoregulation of electronic and electrotechnical devices.

Fan filters

Moreover, FINDER offers fans accessories, such as filters for fans. They are suitable for elements from 92mm to 320mm. Thanks to the use of gaskets embedded in the channel, they perfectly adhere to the installation surface (IP54). Filter frames have factory-drilled holes spaced adequately for the designated fan size, which makes the installation faster and easier. Replacing the filter mat embedded inside the housing is also a smooth process – it can be done by removing the head of the housing.

The filter comes together with mounting elements.

Heating elements

Preheaters can operate on surfaces with a temperature up to 100°C.
Other elements providing optimal operating environment for electronic devices are heaters. The 7H series by FINDER includes devices with the power range from 25W to 400W, adapted to voltage from 110V to 230V AC/DC or from 184V to 253V AC. These are vertically mounted ventilation units, which are often used to prevent condensation on installation devices and PCBs. Their use is necessary in, among others, controllers in heavy machines (construction industry), car washes, as well as systems for lighting up spaces in which air humidity is regularly high (tunnels, historic architecture). Read more about heating elements by FINDER in our article on 7H series.

Automation components

In the field of control and automation, you can find products which made FINDER relevant in the world markets: relays. Although the company is associated mostly with miniature, electromechanical components, it also offers a number of installation relays for controlling the load in complex lighting systems and other electrical networks .
40.52 series electromagnetic relays

Relays are FINDER’s most widely known products – both miniature and industrial models. Miniature electromagnetic elements are used in many applications, from consumer devices and household appliances to industrial controllers. Their quality often defines the efficiency of the entire production lines and automation systems. That’s why FINDER’s portfolio can be recommended to manufacturers in the electrotechnical industry, service technicians looking for durable spare parts, as well as to design and maintenance engineers of machinery parks.

Relays of the 40.52 series are universal components with DPDT contact configuration.
Among FINDER’s wide variety of relays, one of the best examples of a universal product, which meets a range of standards and is affordable at the same time, is the 40.52 series. That series is composed of electromagnetic elements with the DPDT contact configuration (two standalone lines, each with a pair of leads). They are adapted to mounting in sockets (e.g. in industrial circuits) or directly to a PCB (5mm contact pitch). They can be used with voltage 220V DC or 400V AC or with maximal contact current of 15A. For this series, the nominal (control) current of the coil reaches from 5V to 60V DC, or from 6V to 240V AC (depending on the model). The products are made in bistable and airtight versions.

Installation relays
A relay with a dimmer designed for installation in a junction box. Another example of universal products, with a wide range of applications, are installation relays. FINDER’s components are designed to operate in typical electrical installations, e.g. in lighting control systems (versions equipped with a dimmer circuit are available). The products can operate in up to 4 modes (e.g. sequential switching, bipolar sequences, etc.), and some models can control loads up to 20A, which means they can be used in complex systems, where power supply for numerous appliances is time-conditioned or controlled via a digital controller. The relays are made in a few formats: placed in housings for DIN rail mounting, with standard screw terminals; as compact elements provided for mounting directly in a junction box; and also for panel or wall mounting.

We should emphasize  that FINDER’s portfolio is strictly organized according to the functionality of individual products and includes many components dedicated to automation in electrical systems – both for public and household use. They can be expanded with the use of, among others, 2- and 4-pole installation contactors of the 22 series, which are adapted for controlling currents even up to 63A, bistable (step) relays of the 13 series (controlled with the use of low DC voltages or AC mains power supply), as well as switched-mode/step/sequential relays of the 20 series. The aforementioned relays of the 15 series, i.e. with the dimmer functionality have the “soft” dimming function and setup memory – furthermore, they are made in versions with step (15.51) and linear (15.81) regulation.