Common mode choke solution for EMI suppression in harsh environments

KEMET has unveiled the SCF-XV series of AEC-Q200 qualified common mode chokes.

This series meets the need for high voltage automotive and harsh environment industrial EMI filtering applications and offers up to 1,000 V AC/DC, the highest rated voltage.

The nanocrystalline metal core results in a reduced footprint, rated current range from 5 to 35 A, DCR from 0.65 to 40.3 mΩ, an operating temperature from -40°C to +150°C, two different layouts (vertical/horizontal), and three different outer core diameters (19/25/29 mm).

The toroidal coils are designed with nanocrystalline metal cores and are useful in various noise countermeasure fields.

This series addresses design engineers' needs with a wide variety of characteristics for automotive and harsh environment industrial applications (robotics, high voltage power supplies, high reliability) and completes KEMET's already existing automotive-grade common mode chokes portfolio including SCR-XV and SCT-XV.

With a rated 1,000 V AC/DC and AEC-Q200 qualified, this series, together with SCR-XV and SCT-XV, is intended for the EV automotive market. This series supports the industry’s trend to increase the vehicle-installed Lithium-ion battery pack voltage to limit drive train currents.

With its space-saving and high characteristics, this series also addresses the trend of miniaturisation and operation in harsh environmental conditions.

Applications include onboard chargers for EV/PHEV, E-compressors, wireless charging systems with 85 kHz, medium power drives for power steering, air conditioning, and mild hybrid 48 V systems.