CoaXPress board solution for military and industrial applications

The ADLVIS-1660 from ADL Embedded Solutions is a 2-channel CXP-6 6.25Gbit/s board solution designed for rugged, small form factor (SFF) CoaXPress military and industrial applications.

The device's 1,250MB/s camera bandwidth is suitable for high performance imaging applications. It is said to be specifically designed to address the needs of high speed machine vision, security and surveillance; hyperspectral imaging for agricultural, scientific and industrial uses; military electro-optical infrared systems; high resolution line-scan image acquisition; and high frame-rate motion analysis and recording.

The ADLVIS-1660 is comprised of a PCIe/104 multi-board stack, including CXP-6 module, Quad Intel i7-4700EQ processor, and embedded ATX 150W power supply. The device includes small outline coaxial cabling for DIN1.0/2.3 connectors optimised for SFF embedded use.

The solution supports PoCXP, is GENICAM compliant and includes Euresys Memento event logging for application software development. A second CXP-6 module can be added to support four 1xCXP-6 cameras or two 2xCXP-6 cameras.