CISSOID delivers robust gate drivers

CISSOID, a supplier of high temperature semiconductors, has developed robust Gate Drivers for XM3 SiC MOSFET power modules from Wolfspeed.

The devices are aimed at high power density converters and the new Gate Driver board is able to safely drive the fast switching SiC power modules to achieve low losses and operates in high temperature environments found inside space-constrained motor drives, compact power supplies or fast battery chargers.

The CMT-TIT0697 Gate Driver board has been designed to be directly mounted on CAB450M12XM3 1200V/450A SiC MOSFET Power Modules.

With an on-board isolated power supply delivering up to 2.5W per channel without derating up to 125°C (Ta), the gate driver can drive XM3 modules up to 100KHz, enabling high power density.

Peak gate current up to 10A and immunity to high dV/dt (>50KV/µs) make it possible to drive the power module with zero gate resistance achieving minimum switching losses.

The board is able to withstand isolation voltages up to 3600V (50Hz, 1min) and offers creepage distances of 14mm. Protection functions such as under-voltage lockout (UVLO), Active Miller Clamping (AMC), Desaturation detection and Soft-shut-down (SSD) ensure the safe drive and reliable protection of the power module in case of fault events.