Bluetooth LE modules and evaluation kits

Alpha Micro has added Bluetooth Low Energy devices to its product portfolio. The NINA-B111 and B112 modules from u-blox, as well as the EVK-NINA-B1 evaluation kit, are compliant with the Bluetooth 4.2 wireless standard and have been created to shorten the development time for IoT designs.

NINA-B112 systems are said to feature an ARM Cortex-M4F MCU, a Bluetooth stack, an antenna and a powerful radio transceiver, enabling them to be designed into a range of IoT sensors and actuators. According to the supplier, the parts are suited to applications such as building automation, medical devices, telematics and monitoring/control systems. NINA-B111 systems are identical, but have a connector for an external antenna.

Near field communications capability enables a simplified pairing process, while GPIO, ADC, I 2C, SPI and UART interfaces allow sensors, accelerometers, LEDs and control devices to be connected directly.

Both the EVK-NINA-B111 and EVK-NINA-B112 evaluation boards include connectors allowing the board to be powered via USB, coin cell battery or an external supply, while attaching an NFC antenna and accessing an onboard debugger hardware and firmware. The EVK-NINA-B112 also includes an onboard Bluetooth antenna.

NINA modules are said to have been designed with the future Bluetooth 5.0 specification in mind, and will be able to be updated via an over the air firmware upgrade.