Blu Wireless has announced the availability of its multi-gigabit high-speed wireless evaluation kit.

Blu Wireless has brought together its own extensive knowledge and expertise from the silicon right up to the systems level - in the form of an easy to set up 60GHz mmWave communications link - using field proven technology. This kit will help customers and partners evaluate new and emerging applications and verticals where speed, latency, and power are critical.

This ‘out of the box’ evaluation kit comes complete with:

  • A pair of high-speed multi-gigabit single radio mmWave wireless nodes
  • Power supplies and cables
  • Software and manuals
  • A full day of technical training and ongoing support

The kit will enable customers to focus solely on their business requirements, and accelerate their time to market for new services.

The versatile high-speed multi-gigabit wireless nodes will enable users to easily configure and model a range of network topologies and functions.

Supporting 6-channels with a throughput of up to 3.5Gbps, and a complete telemetry stack, the kit is able to deliver immediate visualisation and analysis of the link performance across all nodes and provides users with a range of available tools.