8-Channel ReDriver with internal coupling looks to enhance signal quality

Diodes Incorporated has announced a new addition to its extensive range of linear ReDriver ICs.

The PI3UPI1608 has been designed to help significantly extend PCB trace lengths, while minimising power consumption and associated bill-of-materials costs.

Supporting speeds of up to 20Gbps, this UPI 2.0 and PCI 4.0 compliant device has eight differential channels. Its built-in coupling capacitors allow significant board area savings since use of external components can be avoided. Key applications include AI servers, data storage equipment, 5G networking infrastructure, and high-performance PCs, plus CPU-to-CPU and CPU-to-storage interconnects.

The PI3UPI1608 ReDriver compensates for channel losses at the transmitter and improves signal integrity at the receiver; it is optimised for high-performance systems operating at elevated frequencies.

Due to its programmable linear equalization, output swing, and flat gain capabilities, the PI3UPI1608 is able to reduce bit-error rates (BERs) and lower intersymbol interference (ISI) thereby extending channel reach across a variety of physical media. This programmability can be carried out via the pin-strap and I2C interface.

The PI3UPI1608 ReDriver IC runs off a 3.3V supply, with an operating temperature range of -40˚C to +85˚C. It is supplied in a 116-pin QFN package (measuring 13mm x 7mm).