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3-phase BLDC motor controller IC

Nisshinbo Micro Devices has launched the NA7200BE series 3-Phase BLDC Motor Controller IC intended for general purposes such as fan and other small BLDC motors.

The NA7200BE offers a range of functions to design a feature-rich circuit to drive BLDC motors.

A wide operating voltage range from 6.3 to 36 V makes using any battery-powered and various other motor applications possible. External MOSFETs are required to drive the motor to complete the circuit. Additional Hall sensors or sensor ICs determine the rotor position to set the controller outputs to the next appropriate commutation position.

The rotational speed is controlled by applying a DC voltage or PWM signal to the VERR input. In addition, the speed can be measured with the FG output provided for this purpose. Another FR input is present to set the intended rotation direction to forward or reverse.

As for safety features, a lock protection is activated when the motor shaft is blocked for a certain time; this protection is automatically released after a certain period and is specified by an external capacitor. The quick start function enables resetting the lock protection manually and quickly returning to the initial state, which is controlled by keeping the VERR input low. As for other protection circuits, the NA7200BE offers:

  • Thermal shutdown, triggered when the die temperature exceeds 180 °C.
  • Overcurrent detection, measured by an external sense resistor.
  • Under Voltage Lockout, disables the chip when the operating voltage drops below 5.5 V.

The NA7200BE is available in a space-saving SSOP-20-BE package suitable for small BLDC motors with a built-in electrical circuit.