Zigbee Alliance launches Europe Interest Group

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The Zigbee Alliance, the organisation that comprises of hundreds of companies creating, maintaining, and delivering open, global standards for the Internet of Things (IoT), has announced the launch of a Europe Interest Group.

Comprised of volunteer members with a shared focus on topics relating to Alliance technologies and the European market – including the Connected Home over IP project – the new Interest Group is designed to strengthen Zigbee Alliance standards globally.

Membership is open to all Zigbee Alliance Participants and Promoters and the group is chaired by Alliance Board Member and IoT Architect Ulf Axelsson of IKEA Home smart.

“I am looking forward to collaborating on new levels with fellow Alliance companies from an EU perspective, and fostering more regular interaction between our members that are interested and invested in the European residential or commercial IoT markets,” said Axelsson. “We are creating a structure to provide better visibility into the important developments happening across the Zigbee Alliance, and our Europe Interest Group provides an efficient avenue for more two-way dialogue and information exchange between regions, countries, companies and individuals all working toward the same technology goals.”

The Europe Interest Group will operate under the supervision of the Zigbee Alliance Board of Directors.

One of its aims is collecting and sharing information about EU regulation and standards to the Working Groups within the Alliance, in order to help the development of global, open IoT standards;

“The formation of this European-centric group will take Alliance-wide cooperation and communication to new levels, which is essential as our game-changing Project CHIP initiative comes into focus and to the market in early 2021, and we continue to drive openness and interoperability through our flagship Zigbee standards,” said Bruno Vulcano, R&D Manager at Legrand and Chairman of the Board for the Zigbee Alliance. “We’re fortunate to have Ulf of IKEA Home smart leading this charge as he brings an ideal blend of technical experience, regional expertise and peer leadership to this role.”