Xilinx and Daimler to develop AI solutions

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Daimler has selected Xilinx to develop artificial intelligence-based automotive applications.

Xilinx and Daimler AG have announced that they are collaborating on an in-car system using Xilinx technology for artificial intelligence (AI) processing in automotive applications.

Powered by a Xilinx automotive platform, consisting of system-on-a-chip (SoC) devices and AI acceleration software, the scalable solution will deliver high performance, low latency and improved power efficiency for embedded AI in automotive applications.

“We are accelerating our product development using AI technology by engaging our global development centres with Xilinx experts,” said Georges Massing, director user interaction & software, Daimler. “Through this strategic collaboration, Xilinx is providing technology that will enable us to deliver very low latency and power-efficient solutions for vehicle systems which must operate in thermally constrained environments.”

The strategic collaboration will see experts from the Mercedes-Benz Research and Development centres implementing AI algorithms on a highly adaptable automotive platform from Xilinx. Mercedes-Benz will productise Xilinx’s AI processor technology, enabling the most efficient execution of their neural networks.

According to Willard Tu, senior director, Automotive, Xilinx, “Xilinx’s adaptable acceleration platform for automotive will provide Daimler with high levels of flexibility when it comes to deploying neural networks for intelligent vehicle systems.”