World’s smallest cellular module?

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Sierra Wireless has launched an embedded wireless module which it claims is the industry's smallest cellular solution for M2M communications.

The Sierra Wireless AirPrime WS6318 module is designed to provide essential M2M connectivity in a small and simple package. According to the organisation, the device extends M2M connectivity to 'places it has never been before'. The module is 15 x 18mm2 and is designed to enable GSM connectivity to be integrated into smaller and more inconspicuous products. Potential applications include embedding health monitoring and wireless communication capabilities into a small watch or wristband. According to Sierra, the AirPrime WS6318 is also among the first cellular modules in the industry to use conformal coating technology. Instead of relying on metal shielding to protect chip sets and circuit boards, the module is coated with a protective chemical barrier. By eliminating the need for metal enclosures, a much smaller wireless module can be delivered, while protecting electrical components. Didier Dutronc, senior vice president and general manager, Embedded Solution for Sierra Wireless, said: "By providing GSM connectivity in a module roughly half the size of competing products, Sierra Wireless is once again breaking new ground in M2M communications and opening new possibilities for connected devices."