Wireless MCU suits low power applications

1 min read

Texas Instruments has launched the SimpleLink CC2540T, a low power wireless MCU that can operate in temperatures ranging from -40 to 125°C. Featuring Bluetooth Low Energy functionality and USB connectivity, the CC2540T is said to be a complete solution supporting easier development. Amongst benefits claimed by the company include a small form factor, a range of personalised preferences and a range of development tools and software.

According to the company, the part comes with the BLE-Stack 1.4.0, features of which include: overlapped processing, allowing concurrent processing while the radio is active; improved over the air firmware downloads; and improved SPI and UART drivers. The CC2540T features a single cycle 8051 compatible core with three memory access busses, a debug interface and an 18 input extended interrupt unit. Along with 256kbyte of flash and 8kbyte of SRAM, the part also offers a 30kHz 12bit A/D converter with eight channels, three general purpose timers and two USARTs. Said to be suitable for systems where very low power consumption is required, the CC2540T offers low power sleep modes and short transition times between operating modes are said to further enable low power consumption. The 2.4GHz radio has a link budget of 97dB, suitable for long range communications without the need for an external front end. Applications for the part are said to include industrial and consumer lighting, wireless human machine interfaces and remote displays and cable replacement.