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What you clicked on in Spring 2017

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As the year started to warm up, so too did the interest in these news stories.

April: Physicists develop 2D superconductor materials

Just at the end of April, physicists at the University of California, Irvine, working with colleagues from UC Berkeley, Princeton University, Furan University and the University of Maryland, fabricated two-dimensional quantum materials with what were seen to be novel electrical and magnetic attributes.

To read more about their work, click here.

May: 32bit MCU bridges performance gap

As we were turning the calendar from May to June, Microchip said the PIC32MZ DA (see main image) would bridge the graphics performance gap between MCUs and microprocessors.

Kurt Parker, product marketing manager for Microchip’s PIC32 range, said at the launch: “This is true innovation in graphics and memory, which is important when developing applications where the visual interface is important. It’s the first product in the 32bit MCU sector to offer this graphics capability.”

To find out more about Parker's claim, click here.

July: IoT development platform aims to speed product time to market

At the beginning of July, Arrow and Cypress unveiled the first Quicksilver kit. Featuring Cypress’ WICED platform and its CYW43907 802.11n MCU, the WICED Studio SDK and Arduino-compatible headers for expansion capability, the platform was intended to help designers get connected IoT product to market more quickly. Also included in the kit were temperature, humidity and three axis motion sensors.

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