Popular news stories on the New Electronics website at the end of 2017

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As 2017 came to a close, readers were clicking on these news stories to find out more about the properties of light and how to create IoT devices using the Arduino platform.

September: Scientists change the fundamental properties of light

Is it a wave? Is it a particle? The arguments continue amongst some scientists, But a team from King’s College London said its method for rapidly changing the polarisation of light – one of its fundamental properties – could lead to much faster data transfer and advance research into nano-materials (see main image).

To read more about how the team achieved this, click here.

November: Arduino upgrades its Create Cloud platform to enable Linux based IoT devices

As the IoT gathers more momentum, Arduino added more features to its Create Cloud platform, expanding the number of Arduino supported platforms for the development of IoT applications.

Arduino Create Cloud users will be able to program Linux boards as if they were regular Arduino boards. Multiple Arduino program can run simultaneously on a Linux based board and can communicate with each other using the Arduino Connector.

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