USB Type-C devices feature smallest footprint and lowest power

Fairchild has launched a portfolio of USB Type-C solutions that enable manufacturers to add the next generation of USB functionality to smartphones, computers, power adapters and other devices. Fairchild's USB Type-C solutions are claimed to help manufacturers develop thinner, sleeker devices that consume less system power for better energy efficiency.

"Relative to competing solutions that can consume up to 10x more power, Fairchild's USB Type-C solutions portfolio leads the industry in both low power consumption and small size, two critical requirements in today's increasingly small and thin battery-powered devices," said Jin Zhao, Sr. director, Product Line Business Management at Fairchild.

The USB Type-C devices feature small footprints.In particular, the FUSB302 comes in a 1.2 x 1.3mm WLCSP package to give manufacturers more flexibility in size constrained designs.

Several of Fairchild's USB Type-C solutions perform basic features such as detect attachment, orientation and device type, while others support more advanced functionality.These advanced functions include data role swap, power role swap, hard reset, soft reset, active cable support, Vendor Defined Messaging packet transmission and power charging up to 100W.