USB Type-C controllers compatible with latest specifications

The FUSB302 family of USB Type-C controllers from Fairchild is said to be the first compatible with the latest updates to the USB Type-C standard, including Power Delivery (PD) specification.

This enables manufacturers using the FUSB302 to support all current and previous versions of the USB Type-C specifications in their products. The updates to the USB Type-C, USB Type-C Cable and Connector, and USB Power Delivery specifications add new features, including support for new IEC power supplies.

Unlike other USB Type-C controllers, the FUSB302 was designed for use with existing microprocessors via the I2C protocol. This flexibility allows changes to the various USB Type-C specifications to be supported via firmware rather than hardware.

The FUSB302B is claimed to be the smallest USB Type-C controller with PD capability currently available, measuring 1.2 x 1.3mm in a 9-ball WLCSP. Its size is complemented by its power consumption of 25µA. The FUSB302B also supports data role swap, power role swap, hard reset, soft reset, active cables and vendor defined message packet transmission.