A number of organisations representing the engineering profession have come together to provide advice to the government for EU negotiations following the UK referendum. The group contends that engineering accounts for 27% of UK’s GDP and more than half its exports and therefore could be seriously affected by changes to the export markets.

Following a meeting on 29 June, the 38 strong group has established a project to gather evidence, analyse the risks and opportunities, as well as produce advice to underpin a strong position and a positive result for the UK in the negotiations. The Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE) will be leading this work.

According to the group, it is important the UK remains embedded in globally recognised codes and standards, has access to the skills the industry needs and retains competitiveness in export markets. Philip Greenish, RAE chief executive, pictured, said: “Never in my lifetime has there been an issue that so emphatically requires strategic collaboration across the engineering profession. We are building a new, proactive framework for making engineering advice available to government on these critical matters for now and for the duration of the change process.”