Thermal raises issues for electronics design engineers

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A report from the 6SigmaET team at Future Facilities highlights how thermal considerations are too often neglected – particularly early in the design process.

The research has found that one in five engineers confirm thermal issues are a common cause of expensive and time-consuming late stage design complications. Despite this, the survey also revealed that 40% of engineers still consider thermal considerations to be a low priority in the design process.

According to Future Facilities, this attitude is surprising given the impact that inadequate thermal design can have on electronic devices.

Tom Gregory, Product Manager, 6SigmaET, commented: “Our new report provides a timely insight into the current attitudes to electronics design amongst engineers – but it is clear from the findings that best practice is not always being followed. While it is easy to dismiss thermal design as ‘low priority’, the truth is that considering thermal issues early on in the design process is essential for ensuring a product is right first time.”

75% of designers admitted they don’t test a device’s thermal operation early enough in the design process. More than a quarter (27%) wait until after a design is complete before testing its thermal operation and 56% only test thermal design after a physical prototype has been produced. 13% of engineers don’t test the thermal performance of their designs at all. These issues are compounded by the fact that 40% of those surveyed said they find thermal simulation too complex and time consuming.

“While many engineers highlight difficulties with thermal simulation,” added Gregory, “tools like 6SigmaET have been designed specifically to provide highly accurate, rapid simulation that is easy to use. We believe simulation could be used far more extensively – particularly when it comes to thermal issues.”

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