Tektronix sets new benchmark

Tektronix has unveiled the industry’s first oscilloscope with 20GHz real-time bandwidth and 50GS/s simultaneous sampling rate.

Suitable for high-speed serial data applications, the Digital Serial Analyser (DSA) oscilloscope family includes the 20GHz, 16GHz and 12.5GHz and extends the real-time DPO performance platform. “Our DSA70000 series oscilloscopes offer uncompromised performance and analysis of signal access for the challenging multi-lane serial systems that our customers are working on today,” stated Tektronix’ market development manager, oscilloscopes and signal sources, Trevor Smith. “We are putting a real-time oscilloscope onto the market with 20GHz bandwidth on all four channels simultaneously. This is the highest bandwidth oscilloscope available and supported by a sample rate of 50GS/s, which is also unrivalled in the market.”