Socionext unveils HDMI Module 'cecTalker'

1 min read

Socionext has unveiled the 'cecTalker', an HDMI module equipped with the company's HDMI controller IC, it's capable of connecting, controlling and linking devices that have HDMI terminals, such as audio and video equipment.

The cecTalker utilises CEC (Consumer Electronics Control), a communication standard of HDMI, and enables devices connected through HDMI cables to perform new operations.

Built on the company’s expertise in HDMI technology, cecTalker allows users to easily integrate HDMI- compliant devices, even if they originated from different manufacturers and without the standard linkage functionalities.

In addition to PCs, cecTalker supports development platforms such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino and SPRESENSE, making it easy for customers to work in familiar environments. cecTalker will be certified to the HDMI standard and can be used either in standalone mode or built into other products with added features and applications.

Integration and use is straightforward, from proof-of-concept and prototyping to volume production.

Applications include connecting audio and video equipment with smart appliances, building home IoT systems, and utilisation with video streaming services, medical imaging and industrial applications, among many others.

The current lineup of cecTalker includes the 'HDMI' model with HDMI input and output terminals, and the 'V-by-One' model with the added V-by-One and HDMI conversion functionality. Both models are currently being delivered as samples. Volume production and shipping are scheduled to start in January 2021.