SMEs to benefit from €4.9million SiP European project

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A Cambridge based CAD and eda software supplier, along with its partners, has been awarded a €4.9million project to develop advanced software modelling methods.

Silvaco Europe and its partners will work on the three year PARSIMO (PARtitioning and Modelling of SiP) project to improve the predictive accuracy for System in Package (SiP) design, while reducing simulation time. By cutting manufacturing costs, the aim will be to make SiP solutions attainable for SMEs – a key sector in European economic recovery. The project is sponsored by ENIAC JU, a public-private partnership that brings together the European Commission with researchers in the nanotechnology sector. "The main goal of PARSIMO is to organise tools and methodologies to improve design efficiency for complex components needed in critical applications," said Dr Ahmed Nejim of Silvaco Europe. "The multidisciplinary approach brings together a highly specialised team capable of significant strides in this important area." Collaborating with Silvaco are Thales Airborne Systems, Coventor, SARAS Technology, University of Sheffield, ESIEE Engineering, Institute of Electron Technology (ITE), Wroclaw University of Technology and ENSICAEN/LaMIPS. "System in Package design is an enabler of new and pervasive applications incorporating mixed signal systems, sensors and wireless devices in 3d," added Professor Merlyne De Souza from Sheffield University, who is also coordinator of the project. "PARSIMO provides an opportunity for leading European specialists to speed up design using off the shelf components and make such technologies accessible, particularly to SMEs."