SMART Modular launches DDR5 Module family

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SMART Modular Technologies has launched its DDR5 module family of products, as it looks to support the transition to higher-performing, more efficient memory technologies.

DDR5 has been designed to provide increased memory bandwidth and performance to help process data across various application segments including HPC, AI, and edge computing.

It has been designed to provides twice the performance of DDR4 with a 4.8 Gbps to 6.4 Gbps data rate and improved power efficiency over DDR4 by using an on-DIMM 12V voltage regulator (PMIC) and 1.1 I/O voltage. Another important factor contributing to its higher performance is its dual-channel DIMM topology for higher channel efficiency that makes it suited for growing server, cloud computing, and enterprise networking applications.

“As an active participating member of JEDEC, SMART Modular is committed to DDR5 industry enablement and is closely aligned with its DRAM supplier partners to support the industry’s smooth transition to DDR5. SMART Modular’s focus is on providing extensive technical support to OEMs designing DDR5 memory into their systems,” said Arthur Sainio, director of DRAM product marketing at SMART Modular Technologies, about the significance of this new product family.

DDR5 is able to achieve increased performance by doubling the burst length to BL16 and bank-count to 32 from 16 on DDR4. For increased reliability and efficiency, DDR5 DIMMs also have two 40-bit fully independent sub-channels on the same module and have a maximum die density of 64Gb with the capability of scaling to much higher DIMM storage capacity than DDR4 DIMMs.

SMART Modular’s initial DDR5 module product family includes RDIMMs, UDIMMs and SODIMMs in densities ranging from 16GB to 64GB.

SMART Modular is an active participant in JEDEC and supports the DDR5 module specification development process and, as with past DRAM technology migration periods, provides early adoption support and guidance to OEMs throughout the transition to DDR5.