Simplifying Bluetooth audio development

1 min read

The sixth-generation of the iWRAP Bluetooth software stack has been released by Bluegiga for the Bluetooth 3.0 wireless audio accessory market. iWRAP 6.1 software is an embedded Bluetooth stack designed to support the WT32i Bluetooth Audio module. Target applications include smart phone accessories, stereo and hands-free audio, cable replacement and Bluetooth HID.

The iWRAP software stack is claimed to feature a powerful yet easy-to-use command interface enabling developers to manage Bluetooth operations. iWRAP software hides the complexity of the Bluetooth protocol stack and profiles for a range of applications, from simple audio applications to more complex use cases requiring interaction with several Bluetooth-enabled devices, or for multi-profile environments with simultaneous audio and data connections.

“The growing popularity of wireless audio streaming from mobile handsets continues to drive strong demand for Bluetooth classic audio solutions,” said Riku Mettälä, general manager of wireless module products at Silicon Labs. “We have continued to enhance our iWRAP stack to support the latest Bluetooth audio features while simplifying wireless development.”

iWRAP is supported by Silicon Labs’ BGScript scripting language, which is said to eliminate the added cost and complexity of using an external host MCU and separate software development kit required by conventional Bluetooth development alternatives.

No Bluetooth wireless development skills or tools are needed to use the iWRAP stack. The software’s ASCII-based command and response application programming interface over UART is said to simplify and accelerate Bluetooth application development.

iWRAP supports up to seven simultaneous connections with data throughput up to 500kbit/s, as well as 13 integrated profiles for data and audio applications including the Apple iAP1 and iAP2 profiles.