Silicon Labs has announced a high-reliability (HiRel) isolation partnership with Teledyne e2v HiRel, a provider of high-performance, high-reliability semiconductors to the aerospace and defence market.

Under the agreement, Teledyne will offer a new specialized line of high-reliability products based on Silicon Labs’ isolated gate driver technology optimised for space, aerospace, military and oil and gas markets.

Teledyne e2v HiRel will look to market custom high-reliability solutions based on the Silicon Labs’ Si827x isolated gate driver family that are optimised for space, aerospace, military, oil and gas and other markets requiring advanced technology and high reliability. The Teledyne gate drivers based on the Si827x family will be screened and qualified by Teledyne accordingly for specific market specifications, with an initial focus on satellite power systems supporting satellite communications.

“The combination of Silicon Labs’ industry-leading isolation with Teledyne’s expertise in space and aerospace will give high-reliability customers a new level of performance in their complex systems,” said Brian Mirkin, Vice President and General Manager of Power Products at Silicon Labs. “Our proprietary silicon isolation technology is ideal for specialized markets such as aerospace that require high-performance noise immunity, and flexible driver configurations to successfully manage high-speed switching requirements.”

The Teledyne family based on Silicon Labs gate drivers are suitable for GaN applications due to their faster switches rates and provide options for either a single driver or a combination of two 4 A isolated drivers in a single IC package for isolated gate drive applications. The product offers high-performance noise immunity, eliminating the risk posed by faster switching speeds. The high noise transients generated by the faster switching do not affect signal integrity through the driver, removing the risk of incorrect switching or latch-up.

“We anticipate a great deal of demand from our customer base with this new level of isolation reliability excellence we are able to offer,” said Mont Taylor, Teledyne e2v HiRel Vice President of Business Development. “Our HiRel customers are seeking robust power solutions, and we are confident this new partnership with Silicon Labs will deliver a new calibre of isolated gate drivers that will help space, aerospace, oil and gas and military companies enhance and strengthen their system designs.”