Siemens collaboration with PDF Solutions looks to boost IC yield

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A new collaboration between Siemens Digital Industries Software and PDF Solutions is looking to enhance integrated circuit (IC) test and yield analysis data using Siemens’ Tessent software.

The work is intended to boost the availability of 'actionable intelligence' that can then be used to dramatically boost manufacturing yields and accelerate time to market for new products.

The new enhancements of Siemens’ and PDF Solutions’ products are planned to work together to deliver a comprehensive solution that aggregates and analyses design-based, yield relevant data from Siemens’ Tessent software, together with a broad array of other yield data sources, to rapidly analyse and identify yield correlations that are otherwise undetectable quickly, and in some cases automatically.

“Our customers face multi-dimensional yield challenges throughout all phases of the silicon lifecycle,” said Joe Sawicki, executive vice president for the IC-EDA segment of Siemens Digital Industries Software. “Enhancing our design-based, diagnosis-driven yield analysis tools to work with PDF’s Exensio analytics platform promises exciting new opportunities for our customers to uncover yield-limiting correlations across SoC, logic, and embedded memory.”

The collaboration will combine Siemens’ Tessent YieldInsight and Tessent SiliconInsight software with PDF's Exensio Manufacturing Analytics.

This collaboration will look overcome barriers to cross domain yield learning and it will look to leverage PDF Solutions’ differentiated Fire data and layout pattern analysis with Tessent to create a closed loop environment from end-of-line (EOL) test back to fab wafer processing for better monitoring of systematic yield loss, further improving the NPI process.

“To achieve faster yield learning and new product introductions, our customers have been asking for tighter integration between different platforms across the semiconductor product lifecycle, including EDA, manufacturing analytics, and test operations,” said John Kibarian, president, CEO, and co-founder of PDF Solutions. “At PDF Solutions, we believe that collaboration with industry leaders is essential for the continued success of the semiconductor ecosystem, and the benefit of enhancing Siemens’ Tessent products to work with our Exensio analytics platform clearly supports this vision.”