Semtech announces LoRa-enabled third-party products based on Amazon Sidewalk

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Semtech has announced the first third-party Amazon Sidewalk products, based on its LoRa technology, are now available from Browan, Deviceroy, HSB’s Meshify and New Cosmos.

Browan’s motion and carbon dioxide sensors, Deviceroy’s modem for solar installations, HSB’s Meshify water sensor, and New Cosmos DeNova Detect natural gas alarm are among some of the first Sidewalk-qualified products to be part of the secure, shared network that enables devices to work better around the home and in the wider community.

Because of its long range, low power and secure communication capabilities, Semtech’s LoRa technology has become increasingly popular with LPWAN IoT applications. Amazon Sidewalk will leverage LoRa technology as one of the foundational technologies to connect a wide range of devices, providing a low cost, low power and secure communication infrastructure for consumer IoT devices.

Amazon Sidewalk is a shared community network powered by participating Sidewalk Bridges that are able to keep smart devices connected beyond the home and is supporting the development of new IoT services for consumers and businesses.

Semtech also announced the availability of the first LoRa-enabled development kits and modules from its partners, based on Semtech’s LoRa technology, that will enable device makers and developers to rapidly create new Amazon Sidewalk devices.

Silicon Labs has unveiled an Amazon Sidewalk development platform, the Silicon Labs Pro Kit for Amazon Sidewalk, at its annual Works With Developers Conference, helping some of the devices get to market faster. Semtech has also collaborated with Nordic Semiconductor. Nordic’s nRF52840 multiprotocol SoC and nRF Connect SDK provide Bluetooth LE communication and LoRa support enabling Amazon Sidewalk devices to connect to the network. Semtech’s LoRa Connect SX1262, in combination with the nRF52840 DK, is providing a platform for Amazon Sidewalk development. 

Semtech has also collaborated with Quectel on the Quectel KG100S module to make it easier for developers to integrate LoRa technology into new and existing devices and services. In addition, Oxit, an alpha design partner, has also announced the availability of its OxTech Sidewalk Module which enables developers to develop using the same hardware for both AWS IoT Core for Sidewalk and AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN networks.

“The Amazon Sidewalk community network has crossed a significant milestone with broad, nationwide coverage and is now ready to support developers to create innovative new IoT devices and IoT services. With its ultra-low power and long-range profile, LoRa technology is the key enabling technology empowering a new era of Sidewalk-based IoT use cases,” said Mohan Maheswaran, Semtech’s president and chief executive officer. “Our partnership with Amazon is just the latest example of the strong global adoption of LoRa and why LoRa is the leading technology enabling a smarter, more connected and sustainable world.”

Commenting Daniel Newman, founding partner and chief analyst of Futurum Research and the CEO of the Futurum Group, said, “With more than 300 million devices currently based on LoRa technology in the market today, the new Amazon Sidewalk growth initiative is well positioned to deliver more innovation, devices and IoT use cases in communities and in the home.”