Self-powered switch range and evaluation kit simplifies design of wireless controls

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RS Components (RS) claims it is making energy-harvesting applications easier and faster to develop with the Wireless Switch Evaluation Kit and modular snap and rocker switches by Cherry.

The AFIK-1002 evaluation kit is said to contain everything needed to setup wireless links using self-powered switches, and to test key parameters such as signal strength and range in custom applications. The kit includes an energy-harvesting generator, a snap switch, a rocker switch, a receiver with antenna bushing, a USB cable and an operating manual. Additionally, the components are available to purchase individually from RS, enabling designers to create their own wireless switch.

"RS has a large customer base that is closely matched to our target market, typically engineers needing an easy-to-use and totally independent solution to remote-control challenges," said Mark Mills, European distribution manager at Cherry.

Self-powered 868MHz snap and rocker switches, as well as an 868MHz receiver module, are also available. The switches transmit at low power, typically 10 to 14dBm, and up to 100kbit/s. Each has a unique 32-bit identification, allowing several switches to be paired with one receiver or one switch with several receivers.

The receiver is available as a board or as a complete module. Multiple outputs including a TTL output, low-voltage relay output, and RS-232 and RS-485 bus outputs allow the unit to be connected to various types of equipment.