SEGGER introduces new Flasher Device Support Kit

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SEGGER has introduced the Flasher Device Support Kit (DSK) providing everything necessary to extend the device support of the Flasher in-circuit/in-system production programmers.

With the DSK, users will be able to add new or custom devices to the long list of supported devices of the Flasher product family (“The almost-anything programmers”).

Out of the box, Flasher programmers support all devices programmed by the J-Link debug probes plus many other devices in many other families, such as Aurix, AVR, H8S, M16C, M32C, MSP430, PIC18, PIC24, RH850, RL78, RX, and the TMS320. For devices that are not yet supported, engineers can use Flasher DSK to deliver a programming solution for production programming.

Flasher DSK has been designed to be unlimited and it is now possible to develop solutions to programme the internal memory of 8-bit to 64-bit devices (whether flash, MRAM, or FRAM) and attached external memory (CFI, QSPI, NAND flashes, eMMC, or memory cards).

Engineers have full access to all interfaces currently supported (such as JTAG, SWD, UART, SPI, etc.) for connection, along with full control of the programming process. The tools and APIs provided are identical to the tools and APIs used by SEGGER, making it possible to deliver the same exceptional programming performance as SEGGER's own solutions. With the Flasher DSK, all customers can ensure that their production setup will work with any target memory they choose. They only need one programmer for all setups.

"Silicon vendors and customers investing in SEGGER programmers have the flexibility to add new devices when required, on their own timeline, independent of SEGGER,” said Rolf Segger, founder of SEGGER. “They can work with SEGGER to get their devices supported or simply do it themselves, even for devices not currently introduced or known to the market. This gives our customers and partners the same ability to extend the Flasher device support as available to engineers at SEGGER.”

The DSK comes with a compiler for the virtual processor in the Flasher executing the flash loaders. The flash loaders created can achieve the same high speed as the ones developed by SEGGER, with performance usually very close to the theoretical maximum imposed by the target to be programmed.

The created end-user packages can be easily distributed without any license fees or royalties to SEGGER.