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Samsung targets 256Gb solid state drive

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Samsung Electronics has announced that it is targeting the pc gaming industry with its 256Gb solid state drive (ssd), with improved processing power.

According to the semiconductor specialist, its ssds are designed to make 'major inroads' in the pc gaming arena as a high speed alternative to traditional hard disk drives. Samsung Semiconductor Europe's associate director memory marketing, Richard Walsh, said: "Providing up to five fold the performance of HDDs, Samsung's 256Gb Ssd reduces data loading time for faster game performance which is another enhanced feature in addition to low power consumption, high graphic card performance and high resolution monitors that PC gamers demand." Jon Peddie, president of Jon Peddie Research, added: "The PC gaming market continues to evolve into a more mainstream segment and should reach $30.7billion by the end of 2012. PC gaming enthusiasts are at the forefront for demanding the latest high powered hardware available, making the PC gaming industry an important innovation driver for adopting cutting edge technology, like high performance solid state drives. Using an ssd will give the gamer the extra edge that he or she is seeking."