RTI and Ansys to drive innovation in mission-critical distributed systems

2 mins read

Real-Time Innovations (RTI), a leading software framework company for autonomous systems, is partnering with Ansys, a supplier of simulation software.

This collaboration is intended to accelerate the development, testing and deployment of high-performance and high-reliability distributed systems by allowing them to be simulated without their underlying hardware, which may have limited availability or be cost prohibitive. 

RTI and Ansys customers tend to be involved in designing complex products, from autonomous vehicles to advanced medical robots and sophisticated defence systems, so the integration of RTI Connext with Ansys SCADE and SCADE Display will enable engineers to design and test their systems against real-world scenarios in secure, highly-scalable digital environments, before moving to production stages.

The partnership builds on past collaborative work in avionics and automotive, including the first phase of the Indy Autonomous Challenge, in which university teams created and raced fully autonomous vehicles in a simulated environment. For this RTI Connext was tightly integrated with the Ansys simulation platform and Ansys SCADE model-based development environment, allowing every team to quickly design, test, rebuild and race their virtual cars on the digital track.

In avionics, RTI and Ansys have teamed to optimise simulation and design of deterministic AI systems, sending streams of high-speed, reliable intelligence to control systems. RTI Connext TSS is able to work seamlessly with the Ansys SCADE Display ARINC 661 Cockpit Display System (CDS) in a Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) conformant environment that uses the Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) for rapid, lower-cost development.

In automotive, the combination of RTI Connext Drive and Ansys SCADE Automotive provides an integrated platform across DDS, ROS 2, AUTOSAR Classic and AUTOSAR Adaptive, enabling software teams to work with the standard(s) that best meets their needs at different points in the innovation cycle.

“Ansys & RTI have a strong strategic alignment in all major industries ranging from Aerospace, Defence and Automotive as well as answering the specific needs for the implementation of Autonomous Systems,” said Vincent Rossignol, Senior Manager, Product Management at Ansys. “RTI provides a certified DDS-based embedded platform which enables users to easily run Ansys SCADE for developing safe, reliable, interoperable and secure embedded systems, which provides our customers with the most efficient environment for their development processes.”

“Our customers are building some of the world’s most critical and complex systems. Using a proven, realistic simulation environment is a critical first step in creating products that perform as designed,” explained David Barnett, VP of Products & Markets at RTI. “Through our work with Ansys, engineers have access to an integrated technology approach to functional application design using real-world, real-time data. This technical alliance is an important milestone to build on our work together in automotive, avionics and other challenging applications.”