RS launches new Excelon range

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​RS Components has launched the Excelon range of advanced ferroelectric RAM (F-RAM) devices from Cypress Semiconductor.

Excelon F-RAM uses the same SPI serial processor interface and timing as other non-volatile memory devices such as SRAM, EEPROM and serial Flash. However, it performs write operations at bus speed, eliminating the ‘soak time’ and buffering delays that can cause data loss. Excelon F-RAMs therefore make ideal drop-in hardware replacements for other non-volatile memory in applications that require frequent or rapid writes.

Three types of Excelon F-RAM are available:

Excelon LP is designed for power sensitive applications including portable medical equipment like neuromodulators and defibrillators, wearable devices such as health watches and activity trackers, IoT sensors, and portable test equipment. These devices provide multiple power saving modes, including hibernate (0.1μA), deep power-down (<0.1μA) and standby (down to 2.3μA). In all, Excelon LP consumes 200 times less energy than EEPROM and 3,000 times less than NOR Flash. It can also offer a lifetime of 1,000 trillion write cycles — enough to log data every millisecond for more than 3,000 years. It comes in an 8-pin GQFN (grid-array quad flat no-lead) or SOIC package.

Excelon Ultra is targeted at high-performance industrial applications such as factory automation, programmable logic controllers, motor controls and smart meters. It features a low-pin-count 108MHz quad SPI that is as fast as a parallel interface, with 35ns burst access time. Current consumption at 108MHz is just 10mA. With a 100-trillion-cycle lifetime allowing continuous data logging for 15–20 years at up to +85°C, Excelon Ultra offers a more reliable single-chip replacement for a multi-component (SRAM, battery and power management) configuration.

Excelon Auto is designed for automotive applications such as camera and sensor data capture for ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems), event data recorders, and body control. Equipped with 108MHz quad SPI, it offers an operating temperature range of –40°C to +125°C. It is AEC-Q100 qualified and ISO 26262 compliant.

To meet ever growing data logging requirements, Excelon F-RAMs offer device capacities up to 8Mbit — the highest of any serial F-RAM. All Excelon devices offer reliable data retention for over 100 years. They are available to purchase now from RS in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.