Robot replicates human medical symptoms

A wireless robot has been created to simulate a patient, allowing medical staff to train and minimise risk to human patients.

SimMan 3G is the result of three years' research at Laerdal and opens up numerous simulation possibilities for variable locations and mobility. The robot features an 'Automode' option, which combines physiological models, pre programmed patient cases a method for managing model based simulation. This allows it to make pre programmed 'responses' for more than 100 drugs. SimMan operates remotely but it's also possible to wirelessly integrate it with existing computer networks. The robot is capable of replicating such medical conditions as convulsions, chest decompression, eye secretions and even bleeding. Wound models can be connected to an internal blood reservoir which will 'bleed' both from arterial and venous vessels. Connected to the simulator's physiological modelling, SimMan 3G will react appropriately according to treatment.